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Baked Cheese with Truffle

Baked cheese is the ultimate foodie indulgence, and yet it’s so simple to make! Gooey rivers of cheese infused with the aroma of fresh truffle are the star of a winter cheese platter. This popular recipe can be made with a number of different soft cheeses, such as camembert or brie. We love making it with one of the softer cheeses like a Vacherin from the Billy Button deli selection and farm fresh truffle from Alpine Truffles. This indulgent cheeseboard pairs beautifully with our Nebbiolo – the tannins and acidity of the wine pair well with the sweet, earthy truffle and creamy cheese. This is the ultimate winter indulgence that you can make at home in just three ingredients.

truffle cheese


  • Vacherin Cheese
  • Black truffle, thinly shaved
  • Crusty baguette, to serve



  1. Remove the chilled cheese from its packaging, reserving the box (you will use this to bake the cheese in).
  2. Working with the chilled cheese, carefully slice it in half horizontally and pack it full of freshly shaved truffle. It’s important to do this while the cheese is firm and straight from the fridge, otherwise it will be too soft to slice. Sandwich the two halves of the cheese back together.
  3. Place the truffle-stuffed cheese in the fridge for 2-3 hours to allow for the truffle aromas to absorb into the cheese.
  4. Preheat the oven to 220°C. Place the cheese in the top half of the box that has been wrapped in foil and bake for 15-20 minutes until soft and molten.
  5. Serve immediately with slices of crusty bread to dip in and enjoy with a glass of Billy Button wine on the side! We recommend our Nebbiolo or Friulano to pair with truffle.


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