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The Story of Billy Button

Billy Button Wines began its life in 2014, bursting onto the scene in all its colour and glory. These premium wines are the culmination of three factors: emerging region, varietal diversity and an inspired winemaking vision. As to the question on everyone’s lips – who is Billy Button? The botanists among us will know that this name belongs to the bouncy yellow balls of goodness that colour the mountain tops of the Alpine Valleys. These flowers  (Craspedia to be correct) are a native daisy and create a sea of yellow during the warmer months, blanketing the mountains of the Alpine Valleys region.

Meet the Team

While Billy Button is definitely Jo’s baby, there is a team without which Billy Button as you now know it could not be possible.

Jo Marsh+
Jo Marsh, Managing Director and Chief Winemaker
Glenn James+
Glenn James, Chief Winemaker and Director
Alex Phillips+
Alex Phillips, Winemaker
Meg Wallace+
Meg Wallace, Winemaker
Furry team members+
Furry team members, Brand Ambassadors

Our Vineyards

With a wealth of established vineyards in the region tended to by dedicated growers, there was no reason for Billy Button to establish our own vineyards. Instead we work with a number of highly accomplished local growers to secure some of the best fruit available in the region.


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