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2016 Taurian, 2015 Pandora's Amphora and 2016 Pyrrha

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Welcome to Billy Button Wines!

Billy Button is the culmination of emerging region, varietal diversity and an inspired winemaking vision. So who is Billy Button? The botanists amongst us will know that this name belongs to the bouncy yellow balls of goodness that colour the mountain tops of the Alpine Valleys.

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About Us

Billy Button is the creation of winemaker Jo Marsh. Named after the native alpine daisy that colour the mountain tops over summer, it is a celebration of the majestic Alpine Valleys wine region. The range encompasses a diverse selection of varieties grown in the Alpine Valleys, many lesser known varieties of Italian origin.

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Billy Button wines has a strong focus on alternative varietals, particularly Italian, alongside classic varieties such as Riesling, Chardonnay and Shiraz

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