Our Story

Billy Button is the culmination of emerging region, varietal diversity and an inspired winemaking vision. Started by winemaker Jo Marsh in 2014 Billy Button has grown from strength to strength to now include three ranges of wines boasting more than twenty three varietals.
As to the question on everyone’s lips – who is Billy Button? The botanists among us will know that this name belongs to the bouncy yellow balls that colour the mountain tops of the Alpine Valleys. These flowers (Craspedia to be correct) are a native daisy and create a sea of gold during the warmer months, blanketing Mount Bogong and Mount Feathertop and thrive particularly well in marsh areas and sphagnum bogs created by Alpine streams.


Billy Button was launched in January 2014 when Jo Marsh made the decision to leave the safety of permanent employment and create her own brand, Billy Button. Setting out to make just 6 wines in the inaugural 2014 vintage, this became 10 wines by the end of vintage then grew to 19 wines in 2015. There are currently 34 wines available in the Billy Button range.

Initially making wine out of someone else’s winery, in late 2016 a long term lease was aquired on an old hop factory at Ovens and converted to a winery in time for the 2017 vintage. At the same time a cellar door was opened in Bright, showcasing the extensive range of wines produced.


Jo Marsh graduates from University of Adelaide with a degree in Oenology.


Jo Marsh start working at Seppelt Great Western.


Jo Marsh moves to Alpine Valleys and starts working at Feathertop Wines.


Jo Marsh launches Billy Button.


Assistant winemaker Alex Phillips joins the team.


Cellar Door in Bright opens and cellar door manager Grant Williams joins the team.


Billy Button winery established in old hop factory at Ovens.