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Billy Button Wines

Alex Mitchell
1 March 2015 | Alex Mitchell

The Fast and The Furious

Sorry not to have been in contact for a while but February has come and gone and we've already taken three quarters of the expected vintage intake! 2015 has been quite an early vintage by two to three weeks across Victoria and crops are bountiful which means we end up processing more fruit than estimated but how can one leave it on the vine when the quality is so excellent? First to come in were Chardonnay and Gerwurztraminer and more Chardonnay then some more Chardonnay ....! Already the cool room was stacked with bins of fruit and the barrel ferments were squeezed in to the edges where possible. Lots of what we call MSA: Moving Stuff Around. A good workout believe me.

Since then we have also received and processed  Prosecco, Pinot Blanc, Arneis, Tempranillo, more Chardonnay, Friulano, Fiano, Verduzzo, Vermentino, Malvasia Istriana, Shiraz and Sangiovese ..... lots of MSA required but that's the excitement of small batch winemaking. Parcels of beautiful, intriguing varieties grown with love and care given individual attention and allowed to ferment naturally and express their personalities. 

More out there on the vine including some rarer varietals that we have exclusive access to and look forwarding to sharing with you later. And of course the fabulous Croucher vineyard Riesling - the only white left to pick! Meanwhile.....back to the winery where that glorious autumnal odour of ferment awaits.


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