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Billy Button Wines

Winemaker Glenn James

Winemaker for Shy Susan and Clay Pot Wines, husband of Jo Marsh and invaluable part of the Billy Button team

Glenn James has forgotten more about winemaking than most will ever know. The born and bred Kiwi, hailing from Christchurch, followed his passion for science and horticulture to Roseworthy College, South Australia, where he completed his degree in Viticulture and Oenology in 1991. Glenn moved to the agricultural region of the Riverland. Glenn started his winemaking career at Kingston Estate Wines. Hardy's - 96


Glenn relocated to Penfolds, Nuriootpa, in 2002. He moved into the position of senior winemaker and winery manager. When Penfolds was bought by Fosters Group, Glenn was moved to Wolf Blass. During his time in corporate winemaking, Glenn was a regular judge, both locally and overseas. expand. Something about Chardonnay

Glenn's first post-corporate solo adventure was Ducks in a Row. He started the business with the objective of introducing lesser known wine varieties to Adelaide. 

Another of his focuses was wines made with the ancient Amphora method, which can be traced back to Ancient Greece, 6000 years ago. With this method, the crushed grapes are fermented and aged in the amphora, as opposed to the traditional barrel or stainless steel tank. This method allows more of the wine's own flavours to shine through rather than be overshadowed by the oak, or need to have as much sulphur added to combat spoilage microorganisms. Glenn acquired an amphora, and started his white variety label Pandora's Amphora, first in McLarenvale. He later added her daughter, Pyrrha, a fiery redhead, to the line, focused on red varieties. They are both now under the blanket label "Claypot", in reference to their Amphora origins.

Glenn's next big adventure is down in Tasmania. After moving down south and starting work at Winemaking Tasmania in 2014, he has become chief winemaker. With a focus on smallbatch, cool climate contract work for owners of vineyards, Glenn has thrived. Since becoming chief winemaker, he has given the winery a facelift, alongside CEO Jonathan Lord, and transformed winemaking practices. The labels currently under Winemaking Tasmania have been fortunate in wine shows in Tasmania and Hobart, due to the care taken in the winemaking process along with the quality of grapes supplied. 

Glenn joined Billy Button in 2015 alongside his fulltime Winemaking Tasmania position. With his years of expertise and experience behind him, he balances perfectly with Jo's fast paced energy. The two married in late 2016 in the scenic Porepunkah, with Mt Buffalo in the background.